Day 1

Tuesday 20th Day 1

Legislation Pillar

Introduction to the 2 day Medical Cannabis World Forum
Deepak Anand

12:00PM - 12:15PM

General introduction about the World Cannabis Forum  Dr Deo Debattista. 

12:15PM - 12:25PM

The Future of Medical Cannabis in Europe, Dr Miriam Dalli. 

12:25PM - 13:00PM

Update on the latest Canadian legislation by Dr.Christelle Gedeon. 

13:00PM - 13:30PM

Medical Cannabis in South American: Licenses and Legislation Alfredo Pascual

Moderated by Deepak Anand


13:30PM - 15:00PM


15:00PM – 15:30PM

Presentation by Malta Enterprise by CEO, Mario Galea. 

15:30PM - 15:45PM

Keynote speech by the Minister of the Economy, Investment and Small business, Dr Chris Cardona. 

15:45PM- 16:10PM

Regulatory and Legal Changes in Canada and Beyond by
Vivian Berovici, Antonio Costanzo and John Aird. 

Moderated by Deepak Anand


16:10PM - 16:25PM

Going Public in the US by Adv. Oded Har Even.


Nasdaq requirements to list in Us and evolving markets by Orit Wolkin.

Business Pillar

16:40PM – 17:10PM 

One Year of Medical Cannabis in Germany Hendrik Knopp

17:10PM – 17:30PM

AI and Blockchain technology: how this can help to change legislation with the use of Data, Damon Booth

17:30PM – 18:00PM

Q & A  on the local Industry between George Gregory, John Aird &  Dr. Malcolm Falzon

Moderated by Deepak Anand


The Future of Medical Cannabis in Malta and in Europe
Hosted by RSM Malta

18:00PM - 18:30PM

Q & A Dr Jan Witte & Dr. Andrew Agius discussing the  Medical Cannabis Industry from an international and local perspective.

Moderated by Deepak Anand


18:30PM - 19:00PM

Medical Cannabis and its Global Impact: How Supreme Cannabis Company is taking on the International Market by Nav Dhaliwal

19:00PM - 19:30PM

Traditional business going in to innovation in the industry through the eyes of CannAssure by Nir Peles.

19:30PM - 20:00PM

The global operations of MGC Pharmaceuticals, with a focus on the value of Academic Collaborations and active research and Development, by  Roby Zomer, and Ron Lipsky

20:00PM - 20:30PM

Presentation on the vision of Aphria Jakob Ripshtein

20:30PM - 20:45PM

Closing Keynote by Prime Minister Hon Dr Joseph Muscat

20:45PM – 22:00PM

Networking reception

Day 2

Wednesday 21st Day 2

Medical, Research & Regulatory Pillar by the Medicine Authority

10:30AM - 10:45AM

Introduction to day two by Deepak Anand

10:45AM - 11:05AM

Medicinal Cannabis: Education and Research
Professor Lilian M. Azzopardi, Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta

11:05AM - 11:35AM

Hashing it out with patients: What patients want to know from a US perspective, Professor Kari Franson, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

11:35AM- 12:00PM

The Dutch medicinal cannabis program

 Dr Marco Van De Velde, Office of Medicinal Cannabis, Dutch Ministry of Health.

12:00PM - 12:30PM

Discussion about the current and planned research programs of the Lambert Initiative by Rhys Cohen, Senior Project Officer at The Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics.

Moderated by Deepak Anand


12:30PM- 12:45PM

Borderline cannabis products: Medicines, food supplements and cosmetics Professor Everaldo AttardInstitute of Earth Systems, University of Malta

12:45PM - 13:05PM

Science, Myths and Realities of Medicinal Cannabis
Professor Anthony Serracino-Inglott, Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta

13:05PM - 13:15PM

Regulatory sciences as applied to cannabis for medicinal use
Luana Mifsud Buhagiar, Director Advanced Innovative Science Initiatives, Malta Medicines Authority

13:15PM - 14:30PM


14:30PM - 15:00PM

US Pharmacy laws and medicinal cannabis

Professor Kari Franson, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

15:00PM - 15:30PM

Regulation of medical cannabis in Malta

Dr Charmaine Gauci, Superintendent of Public Health, Ministry for Health, Malta

15:30PM- 16:00PM

Towards evidence-based Medical Cannabis by Profs Victor Grech.

International Medical Cannabis

16:00PM - 16:30PM

A combination of market intelligence and analysis of the European cannabis industry, looking at regulation, commercials, investment, social -economics and cultural trends, Stephen Murphy

16:30PM - 17:00PM

The latest on the International medical cannabis industry by, Deepak Anand

17:00PM - 17:30PM

Zenabis; A Global player in the medical cannabis industry by Rick Brar


Protecting the vulnerable by eliminating deadly counterfeit medications on a global scale by Raja Sharif

18:00PM- 18:30PM

Networking & coffee break.

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